Social Platforms Infringements Study

Platform piracy is growing, with over a billion infringements appearing between YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

YouTube Piracy Statistics:

Youtube has released a report on it's anti-piracy efforts, which reveals the company has invested over $100 million in building Content ID - a content tracking system used to alert staff to infringements of content held in their 'ID' system.

Their tracking system handled 98% of copyright issues and in 2018, Google says it had evaluated 882 million URLs containing copyrighted works, removing 95% of infringements.

However, in our own studies based on data from business owners and anti-piracy experts, there are many ways which pirates use to avoid being detected by YouTube's tracking system, meaning that YouTube's reported numbers are likely to be significantly lower than the actual number of infringements on the video platform.

Avoidance methods generally attempt to confuse the detection system, for example they crop the infringing content by a few pixels or put some type of graphical video overlay on top of the content.

These cases currently appear to rely on manual identification and reporting to get them removed.

Facebook & Instagram:

It's incredibly difficult to get an accurate picture of piracy on Facebook and Instagram, the company has not followed in YouTube's path in reporting infringement data publicly.

We rely on insiders, experts and our own manual/ automated research to establish a good understanding of the numbers.

Movie piracy is regularly posted and shared across the social networking giant, with thousands of groups posting and sharing old and new films with their members.

Considering that Facebook is known to be obsessed with data tracking in every conceivable area, in an effort to increase it's annual advertising revenue, little action appears to be taken when it comes to piracy effecting films.

However, for reported infringements Facebook is one of the fastest platforms to remove them. Averaging 24hrs compared to YouTube's 31hrs.


lthough Pinterest attracts less visitors than YouTube or Facebook/ Instagram, it still hosts over 335 million users internationally.

This is a serious number, which means that pirates will be attracted to Pinterest now and in the future.

With infringements estimated to be 74 million annually, it's becoming more of a challenge to track and remove for the growing platform.

Pinterest has the fastest response and removal time compared to other platforms, with an average of 21 hours.

However, the amount of infringements on their platform is far less than YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.


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Logo's may be eligible for copyright registration and potentially trademark as well. Copyright law doesn't cover slogans, in some cases they may qualify for trademark registration..

Studies reveal that 7 out of 10 people in America think piracy based activity is legal, selling pirated products may be part of this. We encourage all rights owners to take appropriate action against infringements..

During the Covid-19 pandemic, piracy did increase. It's likely that if more pandemics occur in future that it will rise as well, due to the increase in the number of people using the internet from home..

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